Chapter 24

Visitation To Southbury Training School


      An outstanding event on the calendar during this time was a visit to the Southbury Training School on May 21, where a Parade and Concert was conducted. It included all members, the Band and Field Music, in full dress and side arms. The children were so thrilled that it was hoped to make this an annual visitation. The superintendent of the School commented: "Of all the events that we have had at the School, without question, this was the most colorful and outstanding. All our boys and girls were thrilled and at the end of the drill, actually participated in marching with the Band."

      On June 17 and 18, the Company, with Band and Field Music, participated in the Reenactment of the Battle of Fall River, Mass. This historic event unfolded before thousands of interested onlookers. They crowded the decks of the USS MASSACHUSETTS which is now a memorial shrine anchored in the harbor of Fall River, and they watched from a bridge and the banks of the cove which bordered the area where the original skirmish between the British and Colonial troops took place on May 31, 1778. The Second Company impersonated the British invaders. A number of Foot Guarders were transported after dark, in long boats to the "battle" area and the balance of the troops who remained hidden on shore had an exciting time firing their pieces when the skirmish began. Blanks were used and the sounds of battle and the cheers of the spectators, when the British were repulsed by the Colonials, filled the air.

      At the Annual Charleston Medal Drill exercises in the Goffe Street Armory, on June 26, Chaplain Emeritus David N. Beach and Mrs Beach were honored at a reception on their 50th wedding anniversary.

      The Second Company participated in a parade in Chesire on July 1, honoring Captain Harvey C. Barnum, Congressional Medal of Honor winner in Viet Nam.

      On September 30, the Line Officers of the Second Company attended the celebration of Rochambeau Day, in Hartford, at the invitation of the First Company. Rochambeau Day is the principal event on the calendar of the First Company and is as religiously observed annually as is Powder House Day by the Second Company.

      Following the annual Columbus Day Parade in New Haven, on October 8, the Band, under Captain A. R. Teta, presented the Command with an Italian flag.

      Some of the members of the Second Company, in full dress red uniforms attended Cub Scout Post #96 "Uniform Night" in Cheshire on November 21. Major Hardy discussed the origin of the Governor's Foot Guard and its uniform to both the Cub Scouts and their parents.

      At the annual New Year's Eve Party on December 31, the attendance numbered 260.

      In the first three months of 1968, three colorful Balls were held by the Second Company, the first on January 20, the Victory Ball for Mayor Richard C. Lee of New Haven. On February 23, the 193rd Annual Ball honored Governor John Dempsey, and on March 1, the Police Legionnaire Ball.

      At the annual inspection held by the State Military Department, the Command received a rating of "superior."

      The national flag of Greece was presented to the Second Company during the ceremonies in the Goffe Street Armory on April 11. Major Hardy added the flag to the collection of banners awarded by many nations. The flag was bestowed by the Greek Government and presented by Gus Margoles, a member of the National Greek-American Organization, and Constantine Pappas, of the local Greek organization.

      On May 8, the Second Company participated in a Coast Guard Academy Review for Governor Dempsey.

      Memorial Day was observed in New Haven on May 26 and the First Company of Hartford as well as the Second Company, participated in the Parade after which the First Company was entertained in the Goffe Street Armory. Memorial Day, in other towns, was observed on May 30, and involved all units of the Second Company. In the morning the Second Company marched in the Parade in Naugatuck, and the Field Music Unit participated in the Parade inn Fairfield. In the afternoon a Color Detail and the Band took part in the Parade in East Haven.

      From June 14-16, the Second Company again participated in the Reenactment of the Battle of Fall River, Mass.

      Other Connecticut towns which saw the appearance of the Second Company in 1968 were Litchfield, at the observance of its 250th Anniversary; Hartford, in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Loyalty Day Parade; East Haddam, at ceremonies at the Nathan Hale Schoolhouse; in West Haven, in the Firemen's Convention Parade; and Coventry, at the observance of Nathan Hale Day.

      A Color Detail took part in ceremonies at the Yale Art Gallery honoring the issuance of the new Jonathan Trumbull postage stamp, and a Color Detail led the procession at the inauguration of President John H. Herder at Quinnipiac College. This was attended by numerous prominent officials from various colleges.

      The year, 1969, again saw the Second Company head for the Nation's Capitol, on January 20, to participate in the Inaugural Parade for a President of the United States, Richard Nixon, and on February 21, the Ball honoring Governor John Dempsey, was held.

      Memorial Day celebrations brought out all units of the Command to participate in parades in New Haven, East Haven, Fairfield, and Trumbull.

      On June 2, a ten-man detail, led by Captain Edward Schoeck, went to Boston to take part in the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Parade.

      In October, 1969, when the Coldstream Guards of England were in New Haven to perform at the Arena, the officers of the British unit wished to pay respect at the gravesite of William Campbell, late adjutant of His Majesty's Brigade of Foot Guards, who was mortally wounded on July 5, 1779, during the British invasion of New Haven. A representative of the Second Company attended the ceremony at Campbell's gravesite. Lt. Col. W. R. Corbould, of the British regiment, commented favorably on the style and appearance of the Governor's Foot Guard uniforms which has been modeled after that of the Coldstream Guards.

      At the Christmas Party over 200 children of members of the Second Company were entertained. They were given gifts and refreshments and were introduced to Santa Claus (Sgt. John Brandt).

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