Military Training


Brown Bess Musket
US Krag Rifle
The Springfield M1903
More on the M1903  

M16 Rifle
Cleaning of the Musket
Musket & Bayonet

On Monday nights throughout the year, all Officers and Enlisted members of the Second Company (Band, Field Music & Infantry) meet at the Branford Armory for weekly training. The training varies from week to week, and includes classes on :

Close Order Drilling
Rifle Manual of Arms
Sword Manual of Arms
Musket Manual of Arms
Musket & M1903 Rifle Firing
CPR Class
Musket, Krag,& M1903 Rifle Cleaning Classes
Military Protocol Classes
Funeral Details (Flag Folding & Gun Salute )-Certification to perform Military Funeral Honors.

We also train in preparation for upcoming Color Guard Details.
In addition to our weekly training, we attend one week of annual training at Camp Niantic (Niantic, CT ) together with the other three State Militia Guard Units (1st Co. Foot Guard, 1st Co. Horse Guard & 2nd Co. Horse Guard ).