The Second Company Governor's Foot Guard is not a re-enactment group. We are a part of the Connecticut State Militia. We conduct two re-enactments each year. The first is Powder House Day, where we march to the New Haven Green, and re-enact the demanding of the keys to the New Haven Powder House in 1775, by Benedict Arnold and members of the Foot Guard. This event will be held next on April 21, 2012. The year 2012, being the 237th  anniversary of Powder House Day, making this year's celebration a special event for us. 

Our other annual re-enactment is in June, at Fort Nathan Hale (Black Rock Fort), Woodward Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut, where we re-enact the British invasion of New Haven in 1779.  At that battle, some of our original members took part in the defense of the City of New Haven.

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